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The Herald of Day

The Boar King's Honor Trilogy, Book 1

A wizard’s fatal mistake

A king wrongly blamed for murder

A bloodline cursed until they clear the king’s name

In 17th-century England, witchcraft is a hanging offense. Tavern maid Miranda Willoughby hides her magical gifts until terrifying visions compel her to seek the aid of a stranger, Richard Mainwaring, to interpret them. A powerful wizard, he sees her summons as a chance for redemption. He bears a curse because an ancestor unwittingly helped murder the two royal children known as the Princes in the Tower, and her message uses symbols related to those murders.

Miranda’s visions reveal that someone has altered history, spreading famine, plague, and tyranny across the land. The quest to restore the timeline takes her and Richard from the glittering court of Charles II to a shadowy realm between life and death, where they must battle the most powerful wizard in generations with the fate of all England at stake.


"The Herald of Day (The Boar King’s Honor Trilogy, Book 1) by Nancy Northcott is one of the top five books that I have read this year. I could have happily read another thousand pages of this book, and I would not have grown weary of it. It is absolutely brilliant from beginning to end—a priceless masterpiece that deserves a place on your bookshelf and in your heart." - Coffeepot Book Club Recommended Review

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