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Predators in Petticoats Anthology

A collection of twenty-five original short stories of flesh, blood, and bone.

She wears many faces and answers to many names.
Hunting criminals with telepathy or a spear.
Seeking revenge for herself or others.
Protecting her family, or destroying it.
Because of her, hearts break and mend. Glass ceilings shatter.
The final thread is cut.

Young and old, fearsome and powerful, they wield art, science, and magic to fight fate, deity, and death. These women are predators.


Nancy's contribution is "Justice for Tillie":


Federated Colonies Deputy Marshal Sarah Reeth has lived with guilt since she was nine years old. Her best friend, Tillie, was abducted at a fair though Sarah stood only about twenty feet away. Sarah caught a telepathic whiff of the kidnapper but not in time to stop him. The emotional damage to Tillie was irreparable, and the questions "why her and not me" and "could I have done more" have haunted Sarah ever since. 


Now, at another crowded, busy fair, Sarah picks up the same telepathic impression during a kidnapping attempt. The intended victim escapes, but Sarah and her fellow marshals vow to catch the predator, who's also a telepath. It's psi versus psi in Sarah's quest to finally deliver justice for Tillie.

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