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I'm a little behind with updates (not news if you stop by here regularly!), but I'm delighted to share the cover and other information about The King's Champion, the conclusion of my Boar King's Honor historical fantasy trilogy. Set during the summer of 1940, the book opens with the retreat from Dunkirk and closes at the start of the London Blitz. 

As American photojournalist Kate Shaw struggles to accept, and then to control, her magical Gifts, she also must face her feelings for her fellow wizard and mentor, army officer Sebastian Mainwaring. Kate's seer visions alert Sebastian to the boats Germany is massing on the French coast for Operation Sealion, the planned invasion of Britain. Britain's wizards must somehow stop that invasion. Against the backdrop of all that, the Mainwaring family's efforts to lift the centuries-old curse on their bloodline come to a head. 


Can the wizards stop the invasion fleet? Can the doomed Mainwaring souls pass beyond the shadowy, wraith-ridden world where they've been trapped? The King's Champion holds the answers.

My other recent release is the reissue of Mage's Nemesis, the sixth book in my Light Mage Wars paranormal romance seriesThe original title, Nemesis, had to change to fit the rebranding of the series. I'm working on a series of short installments for that series, stories that couldn't fit in the main books because they took too much time from the romance storylines or cover events that occur between books. Watch this space for more.


Mage's Nemesis is a second-chance romance featuring building contractor and interior designer Tasha Murdock and deputy reeve Carter Lockwood. There's hint of the romance to come in Warrior Mage, the previous book in the series.


Tasha and Carter met while both were serving in the U.S. Navy Seabees. Tasha made an unwise choice that caused political problems, and duty required Carter to report her. They parted on tense, distant terms and didn't meet again until a decade later, when they both turned up to help Will and Audra in Warrior Mage.

Now, they've learned that ghouls are targeting Tasha, but none of the mages knows why. She can't put her business on hold and hide in the safety of the mages' base, the Collegium. The only way she can safely go through her days, though, is with a bodyguard. Carter volunteers.


The old attraction they had to ignore while in the navy still zings between them. Carter wants a chance to see what they could have together, but Tasha fears her old secrets would drive hm away. Can they put the past aside and find their way to each other?

Coming in July is the next Light Mage Wars novel, Traitor Mage's Fate. We'll learn the story of Ross Graham, a mage who has been working with the mageborn's deadly ghoul enemies. When he meets agent April Forrest of the mages' All Shires Investigation Bureau, sparks fly. But April is all about the rules and sees Ross as the living embodiment of lawlessness. As they go undercover together in a ghoul nest, they must work together to survive. Sparks fly between them, but April is all about the rules. To her, Ross is the living embodiment of lawlessness. Can they move past their differences to find love? Can they survive amid their enemies long enough to find out? 


This fall's release is The Speaker for All, the third book and first novel in the Outcast Station science fiction series I write with Jeanne Adams. Something is lurking in the oceans of Outcast Station. Can the human population reach an accommodation with this entity, or will it destroy them? The fate of the planet rests on the shoulders of telepathic deputy marshal-turned-First-Contact-ambassador Sarah Reeth.

I never studied oceanography. I've had a blast doing the research for this book. 

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