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The Full Moon Blog Tour is over.  I’ve emailed the winners, so if you entered the giveaway and don’t usually email with me, you might want to check your spam filter.

I’m a guest at AtomaCon in Charleston, SC, this weekend.  I’m excited about going.  In addition to great panels, there are a multi-author launch party on Friday and a Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading on Saturday.  If you’re going to the con, watch for signs with info!

As you may’ve gathered, I now have a blog all my own, Bits of This & That.  After years of blogging with the fabulous Romance Bandits, flying solo feels a little odd, but I’m enjoying the challenge.  I plan to post a couple of times a month. The next new post will go up after AtomaCon.

If you missed the earlier announcement, Nemesis, the next Light Mage Wars book, has been postponed because of a research snag. I’m hoping to work this out and be able to write the story I want.  It’s frustrating to me, as I know it is to readers who want Tasha and Carter’s story, so I’ll have the book out as soon as I can, probably in early 2016. 

The+Herald+of+Day+finalThat means the next book up, in early December, will be The Herald of Day.  It’s the first book in a new trilogy, The Boar King’s Honor. The trilogy is about the descendants of a mage named Edmund Mainwaring. Edmund trusted the wrong man and unwittingly helped murder Richard III’s nephews, who’re known as The Princes in the Tower.  Richard III was wrongly blamed, so the Mainwaring heirs are cursed until they clear the king’s name.

Lifting the curse is the goal in each book, but the characters also face larger problems.  In Herald, a powerful mage has changed the history of England to set up a dictatorship of the mageborn.  The second book, The Steel Rose, takes place between Napoleon’s escape from Elba and his defeat at Waterloo, with the fate of Europe at stake.  The story wraps up in The King’s Champion.  Set in 1940 between the Dunkirk evacuation and the start of the Blitz, it’s about a German plan to invade England.

You can read the first chapter of The Herald of Day here.

Magic_and_Mistletoe_final“Magic & Mistletoe,” the follow-up on Peri and Roland from “The Solstice Ball” is almost ready.  It just needs a few more tweaks.  Look for it in late November.  To read an excerpt, click here. I’ll also have another holiday-themed story out, probably in early December, that’s set in the world of the Light Mage Wars. 

Once these three projects launch, I’ll also be working on Danger’s Dance, a sequel to Danger’s Edge, my story in the Capitol Danger anthology. Danger’s Dance, an Arachnid Files novella, is about what happened between Arachnid operative Kelsey Mitchell and FBI special agent Greg Reed after the action-packed Inauguration Night detailed in the anthology.  To read an excerpt of Danger’s Edge, click here.

Also in the works, slated for Spring 2016, is a new Arachnid series centering on one of Kelsey’s colleagues.  And of course the Light Mage Wars will continue, with Avenger and Spymaster also due in 2016.

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