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It’s hard to believe we’re already rolling into the holiday season.  I hope your preparations for whichever holidays you celebrate go more smoothly than ours usually do!

236696e595850f4c868f2e0686668f5145e85a2e-thumbI contributed a Light Mages micro story, “The Solstice Ball” to the *free* holiday anthology Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection.  It’s available now.  For more information, click here.  If you’ve already downloaded it, thank you!  I hope you enjoy all the stories.

There’ve already been some requests for a follow-up on Peri and Roland from “The Solstice Ball.”  I’m working on that and will have it available as soon as I can.

In honor of the season, I’ve added a free short story, “Family Circles,” in the extras section of this site. It’s about Stefan Harper and Mel Wray’s first Thanksgiving together.  People have asked me whether Stefan ever tried to help Mel’s mom, so I wrote this story to answer that question.  “Family Circles” also includes a small peek at Griff and Val Dare’s first Thanksgiving with his family after his years on the run. 

Warrior_FINAL_3Meanwhile, Warrior, the next full-length novel in the Light Mage Wars series, is finally out!  Set a few weeks after the end of Guardian, it features archaeologist and martial artist Will Davis.  It’s currently available only in digital form, but a paperback edition will be  coming soon. 

Turning Mr. Flavor of the Week into a one-woman man was fun, though it wasn’t easy for Will or for me.  Or for the one woman, archaeologist Audra Grayson.  Throw in ghouls, strange relics on an archaeological site in the Okefenokee Swamp, and a traitor mage, and Will has his hands full.

The book also includes a look at the couples from Renegade, Protector, and Guardian and some news about Rick and Caroline Moore from Sentinel.  The newlyweds, Griffin and Valeria Dare, are off on their honeymoon (in Hawaii, and wouldn’t I just love to do that location research? *g*) when the story starts, but they’ll be back to join in the action.

Sentinel is now available on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks as well as Amazon.

The next Light Mage Wars book is Nemesis. An early 2015 release, it’s set partly in Savannah and partly on the south Georgia coast.  It’s a second-chance-at-love story featuring Tasha Murdock and deputy reeve Carter Lockwood.

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