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How are your New Year’s resolutions going?  I stopped making resolutions a few years back.  I tended to get carried away with them and then to forget them.  So I’ve simplified by setting goals instead.  Yes, it seems like a semantics game, but it makes some kind of mental difference to me.

Nemesis_finalI’m very excited about the projects I have lined up for 2015.  The next Light Mage Wars book is Nemesis. A Spring 2015 release, it’s set partly in Savannah and partly on the south Georgia coast (with a bit of Wayfarer and the Okefenokee, of course).  

It’s a second-chance-at-love story featuring Tasha Murdock and deputy reeve Carter Lockwood. I’m delighted with the cover and so can’t resist showing it off a bit. *g*

In addition to continuing the Light Mage Wars, I’ll be doing some non-paranormal romantic suspense, still blowing things up but not with magic.  I also plan to release more short fiction in between mage books. 

There’ve already been some requests for a follow-up on Peri and Roland from “The Solstice Ball.”  I’m working on that and will have it available as soon as I can. (For more information on this *free* holiday anthology, click here.) Even though the sequel, “Magic & Mistletoe” is a holiday story, I’ll put it out when it’s ready and not wait until after Thanksgiving.

Next up is a St. Patrick’s day short-short for an anthology. It features Broderick Hamilton, who had a minor role in Warrior, and his childhood friend, Stacie Lane. I’ll have more details about that later.

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