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Our summer is flying by. I hope you’re enjoying yours. I had a great time at RavenCon and enjoyed doing the Broad Universe readings there and at ConCarolinas.  I’m not a guest at ConGregate but am looking forward to doing the BU reading there. Then I have an open calendar until Dragon Con, where I’m also not a guest but am again writing for the Daily Dragon and hoping my schedule has room for me to do the BU reading.

I have a lot going on, with different kinds of books coming out. I’m an eclectic reader, so I’m an eclectic writer.  I’ve bitten off a lot this year but am enjoying all my different projects, including the next Light Mages book. 

My latest release is (finally) The Herald of Day.

The Herald of Day FANTASY EDIT

For anyone who’s just visiting this site for the first time, The Herald of Day is the first book in The Boar King’s Honor trilogy, which is about the descendants of a mage named Edmund Mainwaring. Edmund trusted the wrong man and unwittingly helped murder Richard III’s nephews, who’re known as The Princes in the Tower.  Richard III was wrongly blamed, so the Mainwaring heirs are cursed until they clear the king’s name.

Lifting the curse is the goal in each book, but the characters also face larger problems.  In Herald, a powerful wizard has changed the history of England to set up a dictatorship of the magically Gifted.  The second book, The Steel Rose, takes place between Napoleon’s escape from Elba and his defeat at Waterloo, with the fate of Europe at stake.  The story wraps up in The King’s Champion.  Set in 1940 between the Dunkirk evacuation and the start of the Blitz, it’s about a German plan to invade England.

You can read the first chapter of The Herald of Day here

I’m already doing the research for The Steel Rose, which moves from the ballrooms of Regency England to the gritty field of Waterloo.  This period has always interested me, and now I have an excuse to really dig into it!

My next release takes a completely different tack.  It’s space opera, and I’m so excited about it.

Welcome to Outcast Station is an anthology I’m doing with author Jeanne Adams.  It’s set at the edge of Terran space. Outcast Station gets its name from its location at the back end of nowhere in human-occupied space.  Its technical name is Paradise Station, but no one assigned there calls it that. It’s seen as the place careers go to die.

My novella, The New Badge, is about a deputy marshal who crossed the wrong person and has been exiled to the back of beyond. Jeanne’s novella, The Accidental Plague, is about a scientist whose posting to Outcast Station is her one chance to salvage her career. 

You can read the blurb here. This page also has a link to read the first chapter of each novella. The anthology is set to release on August 31, and it’s available for preorder now.

Nemesis_finalI’m also have the next Light Mages book in progress.  I still have some research issues, but I hope to resolve those soon and have the book out late this fall.  I’m excited about finally finishing it and putting Tasha and Carter’s story out into the world.

Once Nemesis  is out, I’m looking forward to writing Avenger, a novella featuring Sybil from Renegade, for an mid 2018 release. The next full-length novel after that, Spymaster, will be out in late 2018. 

There may also be a couple of short stories about Griff and Val.  Those are kind of bubbling around in my head right now.

Finally, I have a new series launching on September 30.

The Deathbrew Affair, the first book in the Lethal Webs series, won the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award (unpublished) and finaled in the Orange County RWA’s Orange Rose contest. I’m delighted to have it coming out at last.

The series features two spies, 10 adventures, and one steamy romance. He’s the King of Control Freaks. She’s the Queen of Winging It.  Together they’ll save the world…Unless they kill each other first.

It’s set in England and thus gives me ample room for my Anglophile tendencies.  The heroine, Casey Billings, is an American working in the London office of a multinational covert agency. The hero, Jack Basingstoke, Lord Bainbridge, is an earl who secretly works for MI5.  They join forces to stop a pandemic. I’ve had a blast writing it.

You can find more info here and can read the first chapter hereThe Deathbrew Affair is available for preorder now. The second book, The Runway Murder Affair, will appear later this fall. 

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