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I just came home from a great weekend at ConCarolinas, where I was an author guest for the first time.  I was on several panels, including Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Southern Ghouls Do It Better, Getting Your Kids into Gaming, Nature as a Character, and Do You Need a Writing Group.  I met a lot interesting people, talked to other authors, and just generally geeked out.

The+Herald+of+Day+finalI also read from my upcoming historical fantasy, The Herald of Day.  The first book in a new trilogy, The Boar King’s Honor, it’s about the descendants of a mage named Edmund Mainwaring, who are cursed because he made a grave mistake.  He unwittingly helped murder Richard III’s nephews, who’re known as The Princes in the Tower.  Richard III was wrongly blamed, so the Mainwaring heirs are cursed until they clear the king’s name.

Lifting the curse is their aim in each book, but they also face larger problems.  In Herald, a powerful mage has changed the history of England to set up a dictatorship of the mageborn.  The second book, The Steel Rose, takes place between Napoleon’s escape from Elba and his defeat at Waterloo, with the fate of Europe at stake.  The story wraps up in The King’s Champion.  Set in 1940 between the Dunkirk evacuation and the start of the Blitz, it’s about a German plan to invade England.

If you’re saying “New trilogy?? Historical fantasy?? But the mages…,” don’t worry.  Nemesis will be out in August, assuming all goes well, with Herald following in September. I’m also mulling Spymaster, the book after Nemesis, as well as short stories and a couple of novellas. 

Capitol+Danger+final+revisedI had to delay Nemesis because the non-paranormal romantic suspense project I mentioned a while back dropped onto the schedule. Working with my fellow Romance Bandits Jeanne Adams and Suzanne Ferrell and with National Bestselling Author J.D. Tyler was a lot of fun.

Capitol Danger is an anthology of four stories that take place in the same hotel at the same inaugural ball after terrorists take over the building. Unfortunately for the bad guys, they’re in for more of a fight than they expected.   Plenty of stuff blows up, just not because of magic.

Nemesis_finalFor those who haven’t seen earlier posts about Nemesis, it’s a second-chance-at-love story featuring Tasha Murdock and deputy reeve Carter Lockwood. We visit Wayfarer and the Okefenokee, and the familiar characters from earlier books are in the story.  It’s set mostly on the south Georgia coast and in the coastal cities of Savannah and Brunswick, though, with more of a look at life in the mages’ Collegium.

The follow-up on Peri and Roland from “The Solstice Ball” is in progress. “Magic & Mistletoe” is a holiday story and should be ready this fall.

I also had a story in the Tiny Treats 2: A St. Patrick’s Day Collection anthology. “Green Beer” features deputy shire reeve Broderick Hamilton, who had a minor role in “The Solstice Ball” and Warrior, and his childhood friend, Stacie Lane. They’ll also have a follow-up story.

If you missed the anthology, you can find it at most online retailers for free–but be sure to check the price before downloading.  You can find more information here.

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