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I hope your year is off to a great start.  We had some excitement in the form of snow. I know some people have so much snow that they’re very soon sick of it.  Snow being rare around here, though, we find it kind of exciting.  Even when we get snow, we seldom have much of it. This time, though, we had 3-4 inches.

My husband, who grew up in the Colorado Front Range, drove to the store. He made it back safely, so I figured everyone who shared my inexperience with driving on snowy roads had stayed home.


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore, as I tend to forget them by June.  Setting goals like whittling down the TBR pile (a never-ending battle but with some success) or working on particular books works better for me.

My latest release is The Deathbrew Affair, the first in my romantic spy adventure series, The Lethal Webs.

The book won the Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie Award (unpublished) and finaled in the Orange County RWA’s Orange Rose contest. I’m delighted to have it out in the world at last.

The series features two spies, 10 adventures, and one steamy romance. He’s the King of Control Freaks. She’s the Queen of Winging It.  Together they’ll save the world…Unless they kill each other first.

The books are set mostly in England, giving me ample room to indulge my Anglophile tendencies.  The heroine, Casey Billings, is an American working in the London office of a multinational covert agency. The hero, Jack Basingstoke, Lord Bainbridge, is an earl who secretly works for MI5.  They join forces to stop a pandemic. I’ve had a blast writing it.

You can find more info here and can read the first chapter hereThe Deathbrew Affair is available at ebook vendors now, with a print edition in the pipeline. 

So what’s next? I’m currently deep into the next Light Mage Wars book, Nemesis. It should be out in March.  A friend is connecting me with someone who can help me with my research about the US Navy Seabees, and so I’m rolling. 

Because my parents met while they were both serving in the navy, this is a special book for me. I’m excited about finally finishing it and putting Tasha and Carter’s story out into the world.

You can find more information about the story here and read the first chapter here.

Next up after that is the next Lethal Webs book, The Runway Murder Affair. With the prime minster getting married, London fashion week on the horizon, and gems being smuggled in to fund terrorism, Casey and Jack have their hands full.

Meanwhile, Casey is trying to find a way to fit into Jack’s aristocratic family and their world while he doesn’t truly understand the problem. Their personal issues are complicated by having their agencies on the outs with each other.

You can read the first chapter here. The book is scheduled for release in late April.

It will be followed by the second book of the Boar King’s Honor trilogy, The Steel Rose. The story moves from the ballrooms of Regency England to the gritty field of Waterloo.  This period has always interested me, and now I have an excuse to really dig into it!

The release date will be announced soon. You can find more information about the book here.

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More frequent updates will appear on my blog and on my Facebook author page. I’ll also be posting photos there from the research trip I took to the UK for the various series I’ve set in England.

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