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Jeanne Adams's The Accidental Plague and Nancy Northcott's The New Badge, the novellas comprising Welcome to Outcast Station, are smart, fast-moving science fiction adventures. Fans of Jack Mcdevitt and the movie OUTLAND will love this book and the series I hope will follow.

~Jean Marie Ward, Author and Contributor to Buzzy Mag


Outcast Station is the milieu that Jeanne Adams and Nancy Northcott set their stories in, much as Miller did in Lowport or Mike Resnick did in Down These Dark Spaceways or as Star Trek did in the gritty Deep Space Nine, and Babylon 5 accomplished perhaps best of all.   

The combined volume takes up the SF tradition of a medical plague in space and couples it with the demands of the mystery thriller.  Readers may remember works like James White’s Sector General, or Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain.  Couple that legacy with Asimov’s mysteries such as The Caves of Steel and you may find yourself in the cold, unwelcoming halls of Outcast Station. 

This book updates those stories and grapples with other issues as well, such as the debilitating and lingering effects of prejudice, both on those who practice it, and those on whom it is inflicted.  The experiences of Ravinisha Trentham, a scientist in her home world but facing jobs beneath her education or unemployment  in Earth’s society, mirror the frustrations that modern immigrants face when their hard-won credentials in their original society are devalued, or even mocked, when they travel.  But Trentham finds herself in the front trench of the battle against an alien plague, trying to save the very people who hate her.

Meanwhile the law struggles with Outcast Station as well.  Hank Tremaine was better than Outcast Station but had crossed the wrong person his way up.  Can he keep his head down and go along with the flow, or will he be thrown against the powers that lurk at the station endangering his last chance to get his career on track?

An exciting and enjoyable exploration of both outer and inner space, Outcast Station may give you the shivers of fear and fever at the same time.

~ Edward McKeown (No relation to the McKeons who bombed Earth in Outcast Station!)

Author of the Maauro Chronicles

And the Fenaday/Rainhell Chronicles


Outcast Station is old-school fun science fiction with heart and humor. This pair of short novels belongs on the shelf next to Heinlein’s Have Spacesuit Will Travel. Great action, characters you’ll find yourself
rooting for, and more action and intrigue than you can shake a blaster at. I can’t wait to read more stories from Outcast Station!

- John G. Hartness, award-winning author of The Black Knight Chronicles and Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter.