Fun Notes

I've always been fascinated by archaeology, and I thought it would be handy to have an archaeologist in a fictional world that has a long history.  Will Davis seemed like a natural fit. His interest in superheroes and science fiction just sort of popped up, but I decided I liked it, so he became the mages' resident geek. Of course, he also is a martial artist because he decided early on that he would be a muscular geek who could stand up for himself if need be.

Audra Grayson, the heroine, was inspired by a childhood visit to Cherokee, North Carolina.  On that trip, I learned that the Cherokee had a written language earlier than other Native Americans,a fact that fascinated me.  So did the Eastern Band/Western Band division that resulted from the removal known as the Trail of Tears. So I wanted to have a Cherokee heroine.

Because of family tragedy, Audra moved around among her various relatives while she was growing up.  People who feel isolated or dislocated often gravitate toward comics or science fiction.  An interest in those gave Will and Audra common ground despite their initial mutual suspicion.

And of course, I'm interested in comics, science fiction, and fantasy, so those were fun aspects of the book to write!