The Trail of Bread Crumbs

Hi, and welcome to my brand-new blog!  I’ve been blogging with the Romance Bandits for several years, so I’m not new to blogging, only to flying solo at it.  I’ll be talking about whatever interests me, from books to movies to music to pets or…well, whatever.

If you’ve been to the book page, you’ve probably noticed that I write different kinds of books.  That’s because I read and enjoy a wide variety of books and want to play in their yards, so to speak.  My earliest reading influences were comic books, history, and mythology. Science fiction, fantasy, and romance dropped into the mix while I was still in grade school.  I love the adventure and the magic and the sense of grounding that mixture gives me, and you’ll find that reflected in my books. 

Jimmy_Olsen_Vol_1_62Here are some of my early favorites, parts of the reading path that led me to this point as a writer.  This was my first comic book, which my grandfather purchased for me.  That was all it took to hook me on Superman.  From there, I moved quickly to the rest of the DC universe, especially the Legion of Super-Heroes.  

A lot of my early history came from a series of biographies of famous Americans. I now realize many of them were heavily fictionalized–like the bio of Virginia Dare, who disappeared as an infant, along with the rest of North Carolina’s famous Lost Colony. Still, I learned a lot of history from them, and I think that spurred my interest in the way people lived in past eras.

UnknownOne of my favorites historical series was Manly Wade Wellman’s quartet about the American Revolution in the Carolinas. Theses adventures of Zach Harper and his friends are long out print, but we hunted up used copies to share with our son when he was small.  He loved them, too, though not quite as fanatically as I did.  The first book, Rifles at Ramsour’s Mill, is shown at right.

My favorite in the series is the second book, Battle for Kings Mountain, and I was delighted to discover that it wasn’t outside the range of a day trip for my family.  

I still like to go there and walk the path through the battle lines and think about how much that day mattered.  Kings Mountain was a critical clash in the southern campaign, a defeat for the British that helped lead to Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown.

imagesThanks to our town librarian, I also discovered Nancy Drew at an early age.  By hoarding my allowance, except the part that went to buying comics, I was able to buy an occasional Nancy Drew adventure. Pictured at right is the cover of one of my favorites, The Moonstone Castle Mystery.

It’s no surprise to anyone that I liked this particular adventure.  I’ve been crazy about castles since the second grade.  I don’t remember the details of the story now, only that I loved the book.

Unknown-1Then there was the D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths, which I discovered in the school library when I was in third grade.  The illustrations and the stories just grabbed me.  I must’ve checked this book out of the library four or five times that school year, and it spurred an interest in ancient Greece that I’ve never lost.

Many years later, as an adult, I stumbled across the companion book on Norse myths and snatched it up.  My husband and I enjoyed sharing these books with our son.

Now I write paranormal romance, historical fantasy, historical romance, and romantic suspense. The trail of bread crumbs is pretty clear. *g*

What’s your trail of reading bread crumbs, and where did it lead you?

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