The Steel Rose

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The Boar King’s Honor Trilogy

A wizard’s fatal mistake

A king wrongly blamed for murder

A bloodline cursed until they clear the king’s name

Book 2: The Steel Rose

Amanda Mainwaring is desperate to rescue the souls of her dead father and brother. The latest victims of their family curse, they’re are trapped in a shadowy, wraith-filled land between life and death. Lifting the curse requires clearing the name of King Richard III, who was wrongly accused of his nephews’ murder because of a mistake by a Mainwaring ancestor.

With the help of a wizard scholar, Julian Winfield, she locates a document that could help clear the king’s name and save her father and brother. But its owner won’t give it to her unless she recovers a priceless magical artifact stolen from him. Amanda’s seer Gift reveals that the artifact is fueling Napoleon Bonaparte’s escape from Elba and the recruitment of his new army.

Their quest takes Amanda and Julian from the crowded ballrooms of the London Season to the bloody field of Waterloo, demanding all of their courage, guile, and magical skill. Can they recover the artifact and stop Bonaparte? Or will their fledgling love be doomed along with Amanda’s father and brother, as a battle-weary Europe is again engulfed in the flames of war?