The Herald of Day

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Fun Notes

This book was born of my fascination with the mystery of the Princes in the Tower and the controversy surrounding their uncle Richard III. Add in a love of history and a delight in writing magic, and The Herald of Day was the result.  The rest of the trilogy was born out of this book.

Herald is set in 1674 because that's the workmen in the Tower of London found bones thought to be those of Edward IV's sons.  Those bones are now in termed in Henry VII's Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey.  Modern experts take issue with the forensic examination of the 1930s, but applications for reexamination using modern techniques  have been steadfastly denied.


Until I was researching the layout of streets and river access between Whitehall Palace and Westminster Abbey, I didn't know the Abbey's official name at the time was The Collegiate Church of St. Peter.


My source for the layout of London during this time was a wonderful book published by the London Topographic Society, The A to Z of Restoration London. It uses a map from 1676 that shows streets, alleys, even individual buildings.  I would love to have a big blowup of the whole map, though I have no idea where I'd put it when I wan't using it!