The Deathbrew Affair

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The Deathbrew Affair: Lethal Webs #1
(The Lethal Webs series features two spies, ten adventures, and one steamy romance.)

He’s the King of Control Freaks.
I’m the Queen of Winging It. 
Together, we’ll save the world…
Unless we kill each other first.

I’m Casey Billings, an American operative in the London office of a covert, multinational agency. I’m working with an MI5 officer, Jack, Lord Bainbridge, to bring down a bioterrorist who plans to unleash a pandemic. We’re posing as newlyweds to infiltrate the community that’s a cover for the bioweapons operation. Unfortunately, we don’t play well together, and not only because of Jack’s distracting, off-the-scales hotness.

I grew up poor in a mill town, and he’s an aristocrat with more money than a third-world country. Besides that, I fly by the seat of my pants while Jack lives by his plans for every contingency and takes charge of everything. Including me. Or so he thinks.

Basically, we’d like to strangle each other. But we have a pandemic to stop first.

Then all bets are off.