Love in Boom

Posted Feb 26 2010 in

by Nancy Anybody else here like a romance with some non-romantic boom in it? Where things blow up apart from the relationship? And somehow all that leads to HEA? Yeah, me, too. I tried out various titles for this blog, including “boom in love,” but Demetrius started snickering at that and other choices, and then […]


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A Choice of Heroes

Posted Aug 17 2008 in

by Nancy Today we’ll revisit the popular topic of heroes (related to Elvis and Crushes from earlier this week). Do you remember who your first imaginary hero was? I remember mine, and he could be absolutely perfect because he wasn’t expected to be remotely real. He lived in four colors and two dimensions, and his […]



Big Day for Imagination

Posted Jul 21 2007 in

by Nancy Northcott I’m the newest bandita, and I’m excited to join the group! An ardent Anglophile, I love history, adventure, action, mystery and fantasy, so it’s pretty easy to find books I like. I live in the Piedmont (a fancy name for foothills) area of North Carolina, where the biggest city is Charlotte. When […]