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I am really selective about the fantasy romance I read because much of the subgenre is too battle-centered for my tastes, but I love Northcott’s character-driven stories and her intricately structured world. Caroline and Rick are both complex characters with interesting backgrounds, and, as with Northcott’s other characters, their professions are very much a part of who they are and not just window dressing. I was particularly fascinated by Caroline’s art and the connection between music and her tapestries.
While Sentinel can certainly be enjoyed as a standalone, readers who liked the other Light Mage stories will be delighted to learn more about Griffin’s family and his early life. The appearance of Mage lore master, Will Davis, a close friend of all the Dare family, is another plus. He is a fascinating character, and I eagerly anticipate his story, Warrior, which will be published this summer.
If you like strong, richly developed characters and plots that keep you turning the pages, I recommend the Light Mage Wars books.Sentinel is an excellent introduction to a compelling series.
4 Stars
~Janga for The Romance Dish
With equal parts Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, this story takes you on an adventure into a world where ghouls and mages fight for dominance. Where a blind woman felt the need to learn how to fight paranormal monsters just in case she was even confronted…
I really liked this story and liked how the interaction between Rick and Caroline was so great. They really clicked and I could totally see these two together. They were just good for each other even though they were total opposites. Sometimes opposites really do attract but because Rick lies to her and she finds out, Caroline puts the brakes on their relationship when she thinks he's betrayed her. Do they get their HEA? What do ghouls smell like when they're killed? Is Caroline's brother still alive? All of these questions and more will be answered but you have to read the book in order to get them. 

Do you like action, ghouls, mages and a a great love story? Then this might be the book for you.
4 Sheep 
~Mary for I Smell Sheep
Sentinel: A Light Mage Wars Novella by Nancy Northcott is a seamless story with on sexy mage, a talented artist with a secret and some fantastic chemistry!  When I read stories I usually have a pretty good idea of how they will end but this time….whoa!!!! Dear readers you must read this book now! I gasped at the ending!…[I]t was the perfect book to read on a crisp winter day!
~Rae at Books I Love A Latte
SENTINEL is a quick read that helps to establish some background information about the search for Griffin Dare. There are moments of heartbreak and betrayal for a woman who has spent years trying to defend a brother she no longer knows and for a family whose only son has been accused of the most heinous of crimes. Nancy Northcott blends a contemporary romance with a paranormal edge resulting in an entertaining series for your flights into the fantastic.
~Sandy at The Reading Cafe