Sentinel in Production

Sentinel_Final_300The manuscript for Sentinel has gone for formatting.  I’m very excited about it.  

This will be a novella, though at a bit over 45k words, I guess I could technically call it a book.  But since the full-length novels are 90-100k , calling it a novella just seems like a better fit.  I’ll have the blurb and an excerpt up soon.  Keeper Kase cards will also be available.

Sentinel is a prequel, the story of Griff’s sister, Caro, from Renegade, and her Rick.  If you’ve read Renegade, you know it was published as Book 1 of The Protectors.  That’s also the series umbrella for Protector, my other novella, and Guardian, as well.  Going forward, the series will be known as The Light Mage Wars, but Renegade, Protector, and Guardian are all part of that story arc.

The next full-length novel in the series is Will’s book, Warrior, and it should be out in the late summer or early fall.