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For our 25th wedding anniversary, Mark and I spent a fabulous weekend in Savannah, Georgia.  We’d been there a couple of times early in our marriage and enjoyed discovering it together.  Once the boy came along, though, the idea of touring historic homes had considerably less appeal.  So we we haven’t been to Savannah in a very long time. 

SvGa_WavingGirlThis is the famous Waving Girl statue that stands at one end of River Street.  Born at Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island, Martus waved to every ship entering the harbor for 44 years. Legend has it that Florence Martus fell in love with a sailor who, as sailors will, sailed away and that she waved to every ship entering the harbor in hopes that brought carried her true love back to her.  

No one really nows why she was so faithful in waving to the ships, but she became a legend herself.  Mariners from all over the world knew who she was.

The National Park Service has a short article about her on the Fort Pulaski webpage.  The legend of her lost love reminds me of the song “Brandy,” by Looking Glass, about a waitress who fell in a love with a sailor who honestly told her he was wedded to the sea, but there doesn’t see to be much indicating that it’s true. 

RivSt_SavannahRiver Street had changed from what we remembered, with fewer funky shops to poke around in, but we still found plenty to do.   At right is one of my favorite buildings on the street.  Note the cobblestones.  They’re so picturesque but can be treacherous, even to people wearing tennis shoes. 


 On our first visit to Savannah, back in 1987, I almost turned an ankle rushing down a cobblestoned hill to take a picture of a freighter.  I didn’t have to run to snap the one on the left. 

It’s a very big reminder that the Port of Savannah is one of the busiest in the nation.  When I see those big ships go by, I can’t help wondering where they came from and what they’re carrying.

This boat was a great surprise and reminded me  Renegade would be out soon. If we’d had more time to spend in the city, we might’ve taken one of the pirate cruises.



 After checking out River Street, we walked around the historic district.  At left is one of the beautiful squares.  I love the big live oaks with their trailing Spanish moss. 

 If you’ve read Renegade, you may remember Miss Hettie Telfair, one of the secondary characters.  I picked her name off the map of Georgia (Telfair County) because I wanted an old Georgia name.  

I’d forgotten the name appeared in Savannah, too. Considering that Savannah was the first city in Georgia, I shouldn’t have been surprised!



 During our walk, we spotted the Telfair Museum, which stands across from Telfair Square.  We didn’t have time to visit but hope to go back soon and remedy that.  Doesn’t it look cool, though, with the pillared porch and the statues out front?





 You might recognize this guy from my Facebook page, though the photo there is a closeup from a different angle.  He sits in front of Factors Walk, above and behind River Street.

We had a great weekend and consider it the kickoff for our next 25 years together.  

Thanks for reading along!





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