New Ghoul Threat Near the Okefenokee?

by R. J. Moore, Managing Editor

(MWSE,¬†Wayfarer, GA, September 20) Last Thursday, Lucinda Baldwin, a Mundane, retired music teacher, was found dead in her yard outside the town of Wayfarer. The sole witness, also a Mundane, reported seeing a man with purple eyes bending over Baldwin, who lay in her yard. The man fled when the witness’s headlights struck him, but his description, aside from the purple eyes, is consistent with his being a ghoul.

Baldwin’s residence lies approximately two miles east of the Okefenokee Swamp, recently the site of increased ghoul activity.

Dr. Stefan Harper, chief physician at the Southeastern Collegium, is consulting with Mundane authorities. Harper reports that the victim’s wounds differ from those ordinarily made by ghouls. He subsequently encountered a ghoul that had broken into a Mundane home.

“The ghoul I fought not only had glowing, purple eyes,” Harper stated, “but moved with astounding speed. It was stronger than the norm, faster, and possibly able to translocate.”

There were also two Mundane victims, the homeowner and a Mundane agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The homeowner is recoveringat Wayfarer County General Hospital. The FBI agent was treated there and released.

Harper’s department is analyzing venom samples he obtained from the victims. Meanwhile, Loremaster Gerry Armitage and his assistant, Dr. Will Davis, are conducting research into possible ghoul mutations. Anyone with information should email them via the link on the Collegium archives page.

Davis was asked why ghouls would murder an elderly Mundane, as opposed to their usual practice of kidnapping those of breeding age. “They have a twisted sense of fun. That could be reason enough,” he responded, shrugging.

Shire Reeve Deke Jones cautions anyone who sees such a creature not to approach it but to seek safety before notifying his department’s usual tip line. The tip line phone number is on the MageWire homepage as well as that of the Collegium.