It’s A Fine Day for Capitol Danger!

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Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for being here! The Romance Bandits blog got hacked and we’ve had no way to let you know and no way to answer comments or post blogs.(Jeanne actually wrote this post but couldn’t get in to put it up, so Nancy did that for her.)You may get lighter responses today because of that, but nevertheless, please know that we’re here and reading!

CapitolDangerfinalrevisedAs you may have seen from the newsletter, Banditas Nancy Northcott, Suz Ferrell and our fabulous frequent guess, J.D. Tyler got together for a very cool anthology!

The world is changing and new things are happening – the idea of a woman president is on our doorstep, right? So we thought that we’d cook up some danger for that historic figure before she even is a twinkle in the eye of the voters. Grins.


Ground floo floor plan Capitol Danger

We started with “What if…” my two favorite words. What if a woman was elected president and a whooooole group of people didn’t like it? We all have met those Neanderthals who think women should stay “in their place,” right? So, what if those people were organized?

They would be the Red Mantle. A home grown terrorist organization who doesn’t want women in power. Oh, boy….(so to speak!)

So what if they wanted to cause the most havoc, the most disruption possible? What would be more havoc-inducing than to take over an inaugural ball?

Voila! Capitol Danger!

I wrote the prologue, introducing both the plot and the plotters, the Red Mantle. Suz wrote the opening of the ball and the first signs of trouble. Then it switched back to me for the next phase, then to Nancy, then to J.D. who also wrote the wrap-up. So here’s the blurb:

Capitol Danger

A romantic suspense anthology like no other! Four stories, one event and four dangerous missions on the same night.

It’s Inauguration Night. Glamorous balls throughout the nation’s capital celebrate a landmark event. The town and nation are in the mood to celebrate. But not everyone is so pleased.

A home-grown sect known as the Red Mantle plan to make it an event to remember for their reasons. As their assault succeeds it will be up to those attending the ball to step up and face the fanatics, or die trying.

UNMASKED: An Edgars Family Novella by Suzanne Ferrell

Abigail Whitson and Luke Edgars are working an undercover operation during the inaugural ball in an attempt to discover who has stolen land to air missiles before they can be sold to a broker—their target for the night. When the playboy arms dealer arrives at the ball, his bodyguard turns out to be someone from Luke’s past.

That isn’t the only surprise of the night. When the ball is invaded by terrorists, Abby and Luke find themselves trying to extract the arms dealer from the fray to protect their mission, while they also risk their lives to protect innocents from the carnage.

DEATH UNDER GLASS: a Deadly Charms Novella by Jeanne Adams

Edward Millner and his girlfriend Retta Geminous, are celebrating a glittering inaugural. When Red Mantle terrorists take the ballroom, both bullets and glass start flying. Edward and Retta help the agents still standing retake the ballroom, but casualties are high. Can Edward face his demons and use his former Special Forces medical skills to save the night? Can Retta and Edward overcome their troubled hearts in the face of certain death?

DANGER’S EDGE: An Arachnid Files Novella by Nancy Northcott

When terrorists disrupt the inaugural ball, new Arachnid Agency operative Kelsey Mitchell tables her planned undercover operation and works to bring help into the hotel. Her only ally is Greg Reed, an FBI agent on medical leave after being shot during a robbery. Kelsey dreads making a novice mistake, and Greg is afraid he’s lost his edge.

Attraction flares between them though Kelsey knows the Feds disapprove of people who work for her freewheeling agency. Together, she and Greg must fight their demons and the terrorists to gather intel for the FBI and create a safe landing zone for a rescue force. Can they succeed against overwhelming odds, or will the battle cost one or both their lives—or their hearts?

LETHAL TARGET: An Armed & Deadly Novella by J.D. Tyler

FBI Special Agent Dalton McCoy is playing a deadly game, working undercover for Methan, leader of the extremist terrorist group, the Red Mantle. He’ll stop at nothing to keep Methan and his men from achieving their goal of bringing down key members of the government. When Dalton’s plans come to an unexpected head at the glittering inaugural ball, he doesn’t count on tenacious reporter Jolie Montfort placing herself in Methan’s line of fire as well. Now the agent must take out the terrorist leader and get them both to safety before it’s too late…

It was a blast! (And fun too, because we blew a lot of things up!)

Nemesis_finalWriting together like this was an amazing new adventure as well. Each of us used characters from our own works, although this is the first readers and fans will have seen of Nancy’s spies. You are SO going to love all the characters from the Arachnid Files, folks. Such fabulously sneaky people!

Meanwhile, she’s about to bring out the next mage book.

kidnapped-revamped-finalSuz’s Edgars are all family, by now, for most of us who read Romantic Suspense. I’m sure many of you Bandita Buddies will have read those Edgars men and their trials and tribulations.

DeadRunfinalMy characters are from forthcoming books. If you read Dead Run (or its original incarnation, Dark and Dangerous), one of the secondary characters of this story, Burke Chapman, is the hero of the forthcoming Dead Reckoning. That is part of the Faithful Defenders series. (Dead Wrong, the third book, will be out in late fall) And Edward, Retta and many of the other characters will reappear in my “yes, it’s finally coming out” Deadly Charms series, again, later this fall.

9780451466921_p0_v3_s118x184J.D.’s characters are from her fabulous new Armed and Deadly series. The first book of that series, One Last Kiss, will be out soon. If you’ve not read J.D.’s Alpha Pack series, you’re missing something hot, dark and gripping, so check that out if you haven’t already. Her latest Alpha Pack novel, Chase the Darkness is just now out!

So that’s the dangerous news from the Bandit Lair! So good to see all of you! Sven and the boys have been enjoying their much-needed and various vacations, but they’re back to serve your every whim! Champagne, morning, afternoon and evening cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Have some icicle and snowflake cookies, some capitol shaped cookies (watch out for the ones shaped like the Washington Monument…). There’s food and drink a-plenty, so let’s have some LAUNCH IN THE LAIR fun!!

Have you ever been to an inaugural or swearing in for a politician?

What about a big Gala? Don’t you just love black-tie-events?

If you COULD go, either for the first time, or again, would you want to?

Tell us what you’d wear and what hero or Hollywood star you’d take as your hunky date for the night!

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18 responses to “It’s A Fine Day for Capitol Danger!”

  1. Wow…did one of our explosions in Capitol Danger misfire and blow up the blog instead?

    You should never let the Banditas and JD play with this stuff…who know what will happen, huh?

    • Suz, who knows? I could get in, and Jeanne couldn’t weird.

      Maybe the GR is at fault.

      And by the way, congrats on snagging him!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Huh, hadn’t thought of that. You and I, Suz, wondered about how many virtual workmen it was going to take to repair the hotel, but I didn’t think all that C4 action would blow-back on the Lair! Yikers!

      Then again, Nancy, you may have the right of it. Trust the GR to be up to no good and muck things up in the programming. Sheeeesh! Where’s he been, anyway? Lurking in the Carribean last time I checked….

  2. Duchesse, thanks for pulling together this great post and for the nod to my spies. I’m very excited about launching them.

    Next year will be very busy, but right now I’m just doing the happy dance that the anthology is out and people seem to like it!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *Happy Dancing* So excited about the spies!! Woot!! Ya’ll are going to totally love the spies!

      Nancy, it was a pleasure to finally get back to the blog. Thanks so much for posting. I think we’ll get everything back to normal within another week or two, but OMGosh, what a hassle. Grrrr.

  3. See – that was my thought. All these bombs and explosions and YOU GUYS BLEW UP THE LAIR!!!

    Sounds like a great anthology with lots of action. As I’ve said before – Love the cover!

    • LOL! Donna, that might actually happen one of these days. We try to be careful, but, y’know, stuff happens. *g*

      Thanks for the kind words. I love that cover, too, and the project itself was a total, ah, blast. 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Thanks, Donna! And hey, we DO try to be careful but every now and again, we’ve got to shake the dust off the rafters, right?

      (Sven just glared at me. Evidently he DOES dust the rafters after all. Paolo said he did, but I thought that was a metaphor for how picky Sven is…guess not!)

      Thanks too for the cover love. Isn’t is hotness? You have to go to Amazon and look at the book cover. The back is totally awesome as well!

  4. Jane says:

    I would love to go to an inaugural ball. I’m think I’ll wear a Grecian gown and hopefully Chris Evans will be my date.

  5. Helen says:

    Woohoo I am glad you are all back again 🙂

    I have this book waiting for me on my kindle and am really looking forward to it and no I have never been to such a fancy do and I am not sure I would be very comfortable at one but I do love reading about them

    Congrats Ladies

    Have Fun

    • Helen, thanks! This project was great fun to write. And I’m glad we finally were able to post this blog, which should’ve gone up at midnight. As the saying goes, technology is great except when it’s not.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Helen! Thanks, as always, for your faith in us! Grins. Glad you have Capitol Danger and hope you enjoy it!!

      As Nancy said when it’s not, it’s NOT fun to have the tech go wonky. Sigh.

  6. Shannon says:

    Ahh, another thing to read on my TBR pile. A ball that is not in a historical.

    Just be glad you got hacked, and it was not a ransom-ware hack. There’s been reports on the news about that happening to a lot of people in this area. I keep saying that I’m going to get some kind of cloud storage (and then don’t).

    • Shannon, thanks!

      we’re getting someone to fix the site. Right now, I have no comment box unless I sign in, but I’m ahead of others, who can’t access the dashboard. Very frustrating!

      I bought a portable hard drive and back up my desktop periodically.

  7. catslady says:

    Just happened to drop on by since I hadn’t heard anything in a while. I’ve never been to one but I do think it would be a lot of fun. I’d want to wear something gorgeous but also comfortable. And Nathan Fillion would be a wonderful escort I think. He seems to have a great sense of humor (besides great looks lol))

    • Catslady, thanks for checking on us! The RSS feed is among the things that aren’t working properly. It’s very annoying.

      I agree, Nathan Fillion would be a fun date!