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Embattled Mage

A Light Mage Wars Novel

Book 4 in The Light Mage Wars Paranormal Romances 

Originally published as Guardian. The story has been revised and updated but is essentially the same.

Torn Apart by Magic.
Reunited by Murder.

Years ago, when they were in school, mage doctor Stefan Harper and Mundane FBI agent Mel Wray fell in love. Her dislike of anything “woo-woo” kept Stefan from telling her the truth about himself. When he went away on weekends to train with a mage doctor, he knew telling her the truth would be the end. But not telling her ended the relationship anyway because she believed he was having an affair.

Now, nine years later, Mel’s friend and mentor has been murdered—by ghouls, though Mel doesn’t know it—and Stefan is the consulting physician on the case. As they work together, the old attraction between them blooms. He’s still evading the truth when ghouls attack. The danger forces him to be honest. Will the truth open the way for their love or destroy their last chance to be together?


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