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The Deadly Orb

A Light Mage Wars Novel

Book 3 in The Light Mage Wars Paranormal Romances 

This book was originally published as Protector. It has been updated and revised with minor changes.

He’s as Hot as the Fires He Fights.
She’s the Flame He Could Never Put Out.Three years ago, mage helicopter pilot Josh Campbell and firefighter paramedic Edie Lang almost shared a night of passion. Duty interrupted them, giving Josh time for second thoughts. Edie has a dangerous job, and the effects on his family after his mom was killed have convinced him moms are the linchpins of their families. No woman with a dangerous job is right for him.

In Edie’s view, Josh had his chance and blew it. In his eyes, the past is over. When dark magic snares them both, sapping their magic and their life force, they’re thrown together while the mage doctors seek a cure. The old attraction still sizzles, and proximity brings it aflame. But can they forge a way around the issues that divide them? Will they live long enough to find out?


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