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Renegade Mage

A Light Mage Wars Novel

Book 2 in The Light Mage Wars Paranormal Romances 

This book was originally published as Renegade. It has been updated and revised with minor changes.

She’s the Mages’ Top Cop.
He’s a Murderous Traitor…Or is He?

When Valeria Banning rescues a mother and child from ghouls who prey upon humans and mages, the dark magic users overwhelm and capture her. She sends out a desperate magical SOS, and a mysterious mage comes to the rescue, battling the ghouls to save her. Injured and dependent on him, she’s cold with dread when she realizes he’s Griffin Dare, a hero turned traitor and the mage world’s most wanted fugitive.

Griff sees his rescue of Val, the mages’ shire reeve, their top cop, as a chance to convince her of his innocence. He insists he’s no traitor, that the real traitor still sits on the southeastern mages’ governing Council. Reluctantly, she begins to believe him, but the Council realizes they’ve formed an alliance. On the run together, they find attraction between them grows into much more. Will they find the truth and uncover the traitor? Or will the effort cost them not only their hearts but their lives?


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