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Christmas on Outcast Station

Outcast Station
Book 2

The Princess Problem
by Jeanne Adams

It’s Christmas on Outcast Station and Chief Station Marshal Brad Carruthers has a princess problem. It seems one of orphans from the station’s accidental plague is a princess––soon to be queen––and several people want to kill her. Brad isn’t about to let that happen on his watch. Outcast Station already has enough of a bad reputation without losing princesses. However, when she’s kidnapped, the station springs to action. In the end, can a motley assortment of crew and orphans help Brad find the lost princess before Christmas?

Scorpions for Christmas
by Nancy Northcott

For Federated Colonies Deputy Marshal Hank Tremaine, the only bright spot in his posting to the back end of beyond is its proximity to the Drachan Empire. Fascinated by the scorpioid Drachans, he’s eager to learn more about them. He should’ve been careful what he wished for. A Drachan has been murdered at the local spaceport and a priceless religious artifact stolen. As diplomatic tensions mount, Hank and his comrades race to find the killer and the missing relic before interstellar war breaks out.


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