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Mr. Never Again

An Arachnid Files Novella

When Arachnid agent Dana Gresham is assigned to guard a weapons designer, Dr. Ishna Mahajan, who is suspected of dealing with terrorists, the job has a upside and a downside. The upside is the location, an ancient English castle that’s now a hotel. The downside is working with her old love, agent Blaine Harris. Five years ago, Dana and Blaine walked away from each other after a quarrel spurred by his jealousy of the time she gave her younger siblings.

Now Blaine has realized he made a mistake. He wants another chance, so he asked to have Dana assigned to this case. As soon as they meet, each realizes the old spark is still there. Dana initially resolves to resist it, but as she and Blaine work together to uncover the truth about Mahajan’s intentions, she begins to realize that she also may have been too hasty. The kidnapping of Mahajan’s son by terrorists forces both her and Blaine to recognize what they still mean to each other. Can they mold those feelings into a future together?


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