New Owner for The Fairy’s Table

by Darius Mitchell

(Wayfarer – November 13, 2003) The Fairy’s Table Bakery at 102 North Burke Street will reopen under new management next week.  The former owner, Horace Shelton, is retiring and so has sold the business to Betty Tomlinson, formerly his cookie specialist. “There’s nothing better,” Shelton said, “than putting smiles on the faces of my friends and neighbors.  I’m going to miss that.”

His plans for retirement include reading all the books he has put off starting, fishing the St. Marys River, and occasionally camping with his wife, LillieBeth Shelton, on Cumberland National Seashore.

Tomlinson is taking a week to redecorate the bakery shop but is not changing anything major.  “I’m mostly painting,” she said, “and doing some other things Horace and I talked about but there never seemed time to do.  We’ll still have our seasonal specials and our local favorites.”

She will continue the practice of using local teenagers as supplemental help in the shop.

Miss Telfair Returns

by Lula Ravenel, Staff Writer

(Wayfarer – June 13, 1968)  Miss Henrietta Telfair, Esquire, formerly of Wayfarer, has returned to join her father, Hardin Telfair, Esquire, in his law practice.   Miss Telfair is relocating from Washington, D.C., where she served our country as a staff lawyer in Civil Rights division of the Justice Department for six years.  The new name of the firm will be Telfair & Telfair, Attorneys at Law.

When asked why she had left the excitement of our nation’s capital, Miss Telfair replied, “It was just time to come home.”  She went on to say that while she enjoyed her work and the cultural offerings in Washington, she has missed the more relaxed pace of small-town life.  While she will practice in all areas of law, her specialties will be estates, domestic law, and criminal defense.