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Finally… A Light Mage Wars Short Story

Posted Dec 18 2018

Brunswick, Georgia May 9 Everything was ready.  All they needed was the bride. Mary Ross Waterfront Park was decked out in style. Twin rows of six-foot candlesticks topped with fat, white candles marched toward the water. White roses and pink, blue, and lavender spring flowers wreathed the candles’ bases. Between the rows of candlesticks, a […]


Family Circles

Posted Nov 22 2014

Warning: Contains spoilers for Renegade and Guardian.  This story takes place during the time frame of Warrior and just before the epilogue of Guardian. It has been edited to keep it PG-13 or so. ~~~ Some things, even a mage at the height of his powers couldn’t change. Hurrying through the crowded concourse at Raleigh-Durham airport, Stefan Harper […]


A Lifetime Deal

Posted Feb 15 2013

This vignette gives us a peek at Griffin Dare and Valeria Banning, the hero and heroine of Renegade, just after the end of that book.  It has been edited to keep it PG-13 (or so) and to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t yet read Renegade. #  “Griff!  Down!” Griff dropped to the ground and […]



Posted Feb 4 2013

(Author’s Note: The events in these two vignettes offer a peek at Val and Griff the December before the events of Renegade) ~~~ What could turn a respected mage, a brave, honorable man, into a murderous traitor? Valeria Banning stared at the image on her office computer screen. The photo of Griffin Dare, with his […]