The Trail of Bread Crumbs

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Hi, and welcome to my brand-new blog!  I’ve been blogging with the Romance Bandits for several years, so I’m not new to blogging, only to flying solo at it.  I’ll be talking about whatever interests me, from books to movies to music to pets or…well, whatever. If you’ve been to the book page, you’ve probably noticed […]


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Why is it…?

Posted Jan 16 2013 in , ,

I sometimes wonder what moves people to do certain things.  Or, in the alternative, why they don’t see a down side to their actions.  For example, do you own an iron?  We do (not that it spends much time anywhere besides its box).  Have you ever actually read the box?  If you have, maybe you’ve […]



A Reader & Writer Roundtable

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Paulo eyed the fruit and veggie tray Sven was arranging. “I could take care of that.” “Nice try.  You sample too much when you put platters together, and this is due upstairs.  You can take that tea service up to the library, where Nancy’s entertaining some other writers.  I’ll bring this up in a minute.” […]



A Thousand Words

Posted Oct 9 2010 in ,

by Nancy A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? There’re even a couple of songs about that idea, including Davey Gates’ “if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you? The words would never show the you I’ve come to know.” Pictures have a special, evocative appeal. Before people had written […]


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The Resolutions Game

Posted Jan 26 2010 in , , ,

posted by Nancy This being January, lots of us have made resolutions. This being late January, some of us will have fallen off the wagon. Kathleen O’Reilly’s January Blaze, Midnight Resolutions, is particularly timely, so Kathleen and I are chatting today about resolutions. Welcome, Kathleen! I confess that I no longer make resolutions because the […]


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The "Keepers"

Posted Oct 7 2007 in ,

by Nancy Northcott One of the difficult parts of being a book person is having to purge the shelves. There just isn’t room to keep every book I ever buy. So about every four or five months, I go through and weed out books I haven’t read in a very long time or books I’ve […]



A Book Journey

Posted Aug 12 2007 in ,

We’re just back from our family vacation, which we spent exploring parts of American history. Our trip also tied into three series of books I’ve loved for years. We started out in the Williamsburg area, where my cousin generously took a day to show us the Jamestown historic site and colonial Williamsburg. At the entrance […]