On Location: Nemesis

Posted May 22 2018

Combining wild horses, a ruined mansion, and two historic Georgia cities seemed natural when the time came to write Tasha and Carter’s book. I’d already set up her home as Savannah, and he works in the Collegium, in Brunswick. To learn more about the area, my husband and I visited Cumberland Island National Seashore. We’d […]


Introducing Casey & Jack

Posted Jun 20 2017

My parents named me Katherine Claire Billings, probably in the hope I’d have the life my mom figured a “Katherine Claire” should live–big house on the “right” side of the tracks, rich husband, elegant wardrobe, and maybe a servant or two. Instead, I blow things up for a living. If she knew, she’d be very […]


Me and Richard III

Posted Jun 2 2016

I’ve been intrigued by the controversy surrounding Richard III for most of my adult life.  My interest in all this began when a college friend gave me a copy of Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time. I read it and was off to the races, digging for anything I could find on the topic.  The internet wasn’t so wide-ranging […]


For E-book Readers

Posted Aug 23 2012

I’m delighted to be part of the Keeper Kase ® program that will give e-book readers something they can have authors sign.  Of course, I’m also happy to supply a card for readers who choose the PoD version of my book and just want an extra copy  of the cover.  Or for those who just […]



Posted Dec 8 2009

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