The following articles deal with various aspects of writing and research. RWA chapters have permission to print them in newsletters with proper credit. All others, please contact me for permission:

Hanging In and Not Freaking Out

How to keep your sanity and your muse when The Call doesn’t come.
(Of special interest to writers who’ve been “close” so long it feels like a four-letter word.)


The Good, The Bad, and the Untrue: Contests and Your Career

A look at the ups and downs of writing contests from the perspective of a seasoned entrant.


Breaking In: A Basic Primer

Dos and Don’ts for new writers.


The Wars of the Roses

The conflict, the major players, and the controversies of the period.


Loving and Leaving–Not! The Twists of Medieval Marriage Law

A look at medieval marriage, with emphasis on accidental unions.


The Control Freak’s Guide to Contests

Contests can give your career a serious boost. They can provide feedback and credentials and raise your profile. Of course, there’s the subjectivity factor, as well as the randomness of the judging and the uncertainty of the outcome, all factors designed to make control freaks crazy. ? Yet the benefits make contests worth entering anyway. At least, I think […]


The Control Freak’s Guide to Conferences

Conferences can give a writer’s spirits a real boost, not least because she’s surrounded for the weekend by other writers instead of being alone at the keyboard. In addition to social time, benefits of conferences include networking, learning, and seeing old friends. However, conferences also have their random elements–who’s going to be there, which editor or […]


The Field Researcher’s Backpack

Tools for a successful research visit.



All the Extras

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