A New Year Smorgasbord

The start of a new year is always so full of potential.  It’s like walking the aisles at Michaels or Home Depot, where choices abound.  The calendar pages are mostly blank, leaving room for plenty of ways to fill them in.

I’m not a crafter.  I walk through Michaels looking for raffle basket materials or picture frames.  As I stroll through, I see paints and beads and easels and flowers and ribbons and stickers, none of which I could transform into something gorgeous.  My skills just don’t run that way.  But I always love seeing what those who do have those abilities produce.

I’m actually better able to use the various options from Home Depot. My dad had no sons and two daughters and saw no reason why his daughters should not learn to cut boards, drive nails, and wield screwdrivers. We have no renovation projects on tap as yet, but it never hurts to get ideas.

Besides, the heroine of Nemesis, Tasha Murdock, is a building contractor and interior designer.  She totally loves Home Depot and fabric and furniture shops.  I’m having fun delving into Tasha’s world.

Nemesis_finalAs I look ahead to the year, I have a busy plate.  First up is the revision of my historical fantasy, The Herald of Day, which isn’t coming along as quickly as I might like. It’s the first volume of the Boar King’s Honor trilogy.  Then there’s Nemesis, the next Light Mage Wars paranormal romance. 

Also lurking in the foreground is the sequel to Danger’s Edge in the Capitol Danger anthology.  Romantic suspense is fun for me, too.  I love to blow things up, and I’m not picky about whether I use magic or C4 to do that.

The problem with all these choices is that you have to pick.  Maybe some people can work on three or four projects simultaneously, but I can’t.  I have to plan.

So here’s the current plan for the first part of the year:

The Herald of Day comes first.

Nemesis is up next.

Danger’s Dance will follow Nemesis.

If there’s time, “The Magic Christmas Guy,” a Light Mage Wars Christmas short story, will slide in there somewhere.

Later in the year will be a new spy series and more Light Mage Wars as well as another installment of the Boar King’s Honor trilogy.

What’s on your plate for the year ahead?  If it’s a mixture of things, what will you pick first?  What kind of store makes you dizzy with the potential surrounding you?

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